How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Tablecloths [Step by Step Guide]

If you have gone to the lengths of using a tablecloth on your kitchen table, then you’ve certainly have thought about keeping it away from getting wrinkled. Putting a tablecloth on your table helps you to make a point about your effort and organization.

So, we are going to talk about how to get wrinkles out of a tablecloths, so it can look unwrinkled and smooth.

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Plastic Tablecloths

Plastic or PVC tablecloths are convenient and cheap to use for any occasion. The best thing about using plastic tablecloths is that they are effortless to clean too. All you will be needing just a good cleaning wipe and in a few minutes, your plastic tablecloth will be fizzy clean. Below, are other methods on how to get wrinkles out of plastic tablecloths and keep them crease-free and clean.

1. Drying them with a Permanent Press Option

Works well if your tablecloth was clean beforehand. After washing it, put it inside of your dryer and choose the press option. The dryer’s steam will get rid of the creases, leaving them with a fresh look. You must avoid loading the dryer with multiple tablecloths at a time to prevent them from worsening and squeezing the creases.

2. Using an Iron Box

An Iron Box can come inconveniently if you do not have a dryer. Place your tablecloth on a table or a flat surface. Then put dump towels on top of it and start ironing the towels. Make sure that the iron box has minimal heat to avoid partial drying out of the towels. The released warm steam will remove the creases and leave the tablecloths looking sweet. Be careful not to burn the ends of the tablecloths while you are ironing.

3. Hanging them out in the Sun

You can hang your tablecloths out in the sun. The sun will provide sufficient heat while also the wind will aerate them. Also, hanging the tablecloths allows gravity to pull down and straightening them out. For optimal results, leave them for the whole day. Then wipe them with a moist cloth. It will remove any dust they have picked.

4. Using a Hair Dryer

A hairdryer is another easy and quick fix that you can use for your table cloths. Place the tablecloths on a flat surface first. Then pass the dryer back and forth above them. Remember to keep the dryer is on a low setting. So, it won’t melt your tablecloth. Meanwhile, you can then smooth it out with your hand as you bare it to the hot air. This process works best when you have an extra hand to move around your tablecloths as you pass the dryer.

5. Hanging them in Your Bathroom

The bathroom environment yields a nice zone to steam your tablecloths. You can hang them away from the shower to let them get exposed and allow them to get enough steam without getting wet.

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Vinyl Tablecloths

One of the attractive selling points of vinyl tablecloths is easy maintenance. The material doesn’t absorb spilled liquids. This means you can clean or dry the tablecloths before they become moldy or stain. But, vinyl can develop wrinkles. Also, sometimes they are not entirely mold-proof. Below, read our recommended methods to clean your vinyl tablecloth.

  • Wipe up liquid spills quickly with a damp sponge. Clean the tablecloth with the sponge swiftly.
  • Dip a sponge in a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid. Clean any heavily soiled or greasy parts of the tablecloth with that solution. Then wipe the tablecloth with clean water. Let it dry.
  • You can place the tablecloth under sunlight if it develops mold. Leave it for several hours to kill the mold. Then wipe it clean with your dishwashing solution. Most vinyl tablecloths are made to not fade easily. But if the manufacturer instructs that the tablecloth can fade in sunlight, you should clean it with a cloth dipped in distilled white vinegar. There’s no need to clean the vinegar off the vinyl separately. Because the smell will disappear and the vinegar will evaporate.
  • Put a creased vinyl tablecloth in the dryer with some damp towels. For two to three minutes, run the dryer on low heat. Then, remove the tablecloth, lay it flat on a surface. Using your hands smooth out the wrinkles. Re-enter the tablecloth to the dryer for a minute if they won’t flatten fully. Repeat these steps until the wrinkles fully disappear. We warn you to not let the vinyl become too hot. If left in the dryer for long, the tablecloth can melt.

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Linen Tablecloths

You’re likely to face the issue every time you take your linen tablecloth out of its bag, box, or closet: wrinkling. Simple ironing won’t get the job done.

So, follow the below steps, and you’ll leave your guests marveling over how immaculate your tablecloths are.

Step – 1. Washing:

Choose the permanent press wash option. The option is designed to minimize the appearance of wrinkles by using warm or hot wash water. The temperature helps to relax the creases. Also, the slow spin helps prevent new ones from establishing.

Step – 2.  Drying:

Yes, you will be throwing that tablecloth in your dryer again. Choose the permanent press wash option again. You have to make sure your dryer is not overcrowded.

Step – 3. Straighten:

After finishing the drying cycle, remove your tablecloth. Straighten it out with your hands. Hang it over a chair, clothesline, or railing so any unsettled creases and wrinkles will settle out. This typically takes about three to four hours. Please, proceed to the final two steps below if some pesky creases still remain on your tablecloth.

Bonus – Prep:

Put your tablecloth on its backside over an ironing board. Spray the tablecloth with some water and place a pressing cloth on top.

Warning: This is of utmost importance for polyester tablecloths and fitted tablecloths. Because of the high heat of iron capable of melting or distorting.

Bonus – Iron:

Proceed to iron out the remaining wrinkles (set the iron to the synthetic setting for synthetic fabric).

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Polyester Tablecloths

For polyester cloths, we advise you of the following steps to remove wrinkles out of them.

Step – 1:

Spray the cloth with a light mist of water first. Cover your tablecloth with a pressing cloth and start ironing it. Avoid direct contact between the iron and the tablecloth.

Step – 2:

Wash the tablecloth and hang it on your clothesline. Do not wrinkle the water out of the cloth.

Step – 3:

Put it back in your washer and use the permanent press cycle. Then take it to the dryer with the permanent press setting. Finally, remove it from the dryer and hang it up to prevent further wrinkling.  

How To Keep Tablecloths Crease Free

Read below to find out the step by step process to keep your tablecloths wrinkle-free for immediate use every time.

  1. Always wash the tablecloth and store freshly laundered and free of food stains, crumbs, etc.
  2. Use a long length of the cardboard tube. You can also ask your local fabric store for any spare rolls too.
  3. Roll up your tablecloth around that cardboard tube. You should fold the cloth in halves or in thirds, depending on the length of the tube.
  4. Finally, store the tablecloth wherever you prefer to store it. It can be stored both standing up and lying down. Avoid anything pressing down on it though.

IMPORTANT: the processes we discussed in this article serve as general advice that can be compatible with different types of fabrics. But we also suggest that you follow the specific laundering instructions for the material that you will be using.


Why Does Linen Wrinkle?

Plant-based fabrics like linen are made of cellulose. Which is a polymer of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. The polymer’s chains constantly break down and rearrange. Water molecules slip through those broken links and choke the reforming bonds. Still, the plucky hydrogen finds a way and creates new bonds. Resulting in moisture evaporation with the remaining hydrogen bonds, resulting in wrinkles.

Can you steam a plastic tablecloth?

In a large bathroom, you can hang them away from the shower. It will let them get exposed to just enough amount of steam without getting wet. The steam removes the creases and keeps them clean at the same time.

How do you get wrinkles out of a tablecloth without an iron?

Lay your tablecloth and your other table linens on the table for a night. Spritz them with water then smooth the wrinkles out by hand. The linens will be dried and free of wrinkles by the next day.

Can you put a vinyl tablecloth in the dryer?

No, vinyl material cannot be dry cleaned. Vinyl shrinks in perchloroethylene, which is the most common solvent used in dry cleaning.

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