How to Set Your Holiday Dining Table – Formal & Casual Table Setting Guide

When hosting a Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Seder dinner it is important to know how to set the table. A good formal dining room set will make your meal more festive and enjoyable for all involved – but there are also plenty of tricks that you can use when cooking up some casual meals too! Understanding where everything goes on each dish makes navigating through this process much easier than trying Hodge podge what they’re supposed to position next time around because we’ve seen worse mistakes before ( Trust us; We conquered our fear).

Casual table setting

Generally, most holiday dining tables are shared between family and friends and are perfect for dining casually yet stylishly. Casual table settings allow people to feel reception and are perfect for fewer formally decorated holidays. Although you’ll be able to always go all out for any holiday, an informal table offers guests a chance to graze at the buffet, filling their plates as often as they like, or scrape all drops of delicious soup from bowls.

Casual table setting
Casual table setting – How to Set Your Holiday Dining Table

This is an example of an easy table setting to use if you wish to serve a salad, soup, bread, a main course, and a beverage for dinner. If you serve coffee and dessert, you’ll be able to place this stuff on the table right before serving them.

  • Place dinner plates approximately 2 inches from the table’s edge and center them squarely before of every chair.
  • Put soup bowls on top of the dinner plates.
  • Salad plates go above the forks to the left side of the plate.
  • Position bread plates slightly above the salad bowl closer to the dessert fork.
  • Flatware should be laid call at the order that guests will use it: Work your way from the skin in.

Forks belong on the left of the dinner plate; knives and spoons visit the correct ones. Knife edges should face the plate. Butter knives should be laid flat on the bread plate with the leading edge, again, facing within the direction of the plate. Dessert forks or spoons are placed horizontally at the highest of the plate.

  • Place water glasses above the dinner knife. Optional red and wine glasses or champagne flutes are staggered around the water glass.
  • Napkins visit the left of the plate, inside a container, or within the center of the plate.
  • Place cards (perfectly optional) work best placed above the dessert utensil, centered with the plate.

Formal table setting

Formal table setting
Formal table setting – How to Set Your Holiday Dining Table

If you’re hosting a Passover Seder or a Christmas dinner, you will choose a more formal table setting. For a full-blown formal feast, you’ll be able to add more detail to your house settings as needed: the subsequent list corresponds to the numbers within the illustration.

  • Napkin (1)
  • Salad fork (2)
  • Dinner fork (3)
  • Dessert fork (4)
  • Bread and butter plate, with table knife (5)
  • Dinner plate (6)
  • Dinner knife (7)
  • Teaspoon (8)
  • Soupspoon (9)
  • Cocktail fork (10)
  • Water glass (11)
  • Red wine glass (12)
  • White wine glass (13)
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