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BBQ is all time favorite to Americans. The smoky, juice and fleshly taste of brisket offers you the actual satisfaction. We are going to show you an award-winning smoked Texas style brisket recipe.


  • 1 whole fresh beef brisket (13 to 15 pounds)
  • 1/2 cup pepper
  • 1/4 cup red powder chili
  • 1/4 cup kosher salt
  • 1/3 cup olive oil
  • Large disposable foil pan
  • About 7 cups wood chips, preferably oak


  1. Trim fat on the brisket to half-inch thickness. Rub brisket with olive oil, pepper and salt; place in a large disposable foil pan, fat side up. Refrigerate, covered, several hours or overnight. Meanwhile, soak wood chips in water.
  2. To prepare grill for slow indirect cooking, adjust grill vents so the top vent is half open and the bottom vent is open only one-quarter of the way. Make 2 arrangements of 45 unlit coals on opposite sides of the grill, leaving the center of the grill open. Light 20 additional coals until ash-covered; distribute over unlit coals. Sprinkle 2 cups soaked wood chips over lit coals.
  3. Replace grill rack. Close grill and allow the temperature in the grill to reach 300 degrees, about 10 minutes.
  4. Place foil pan with brisket in center of grill rack; cover grill and cook 3 hours (do not open grill). Check the temperature of the grill periodically to maintain a temperature of 300 degrees throughout cooking. Heat level may be adjusted by opening vents to raise the temperature and closing vents partway to decrease temperature.
  5. Add an additional 10 unlit coals and 1 cup of wood chips to each side of the grill. Cook brisket, covered, 3-4 hours longer or until fork- tender (a thermometer inserted in brisket should read about 190 degrees); add additional coals and wood chips as needed to maintain a grill temperature of 300 degrees.
  6. Remove brisket from the grill. Cover tightly with foil; let stand 30-60 minutes. Cut brisket across the grain into slices.
  7. Serve it on a nice white color dinner plate or bread plate.

Special Note: If your charcoal grill does not have a built-in thermometer, the grill temperature may be checked by inserting the stem of a food thermometer through the top vent.

Nutrition Facts

5 ounces cooked beef: 355 calories, 13g fat (5g saturated fat), 115mg cholesterol, 1245mg sodium, 1g carbohydrate (0 sugars, 1g fiber), 60g protein.

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