There’s a Dinnerware Set Inspired by “NEW Harry Potter”

Beautiful dinnerware sets supported movies and characters are super on trend without delay. Just last week fans were going wild over the Disney Princess dinnerware set from Walmart Mart Store, New York, which basically sold out instantly. And now there’s a dinnerware set supported Harry Potter available which we expect to sell very quick. The dinnerware set is simply as beautiful and stylish and it’s fabricated from porcelain, so it’s pretty delicate and special, too. (No throwing these plates around!)

The Seven20’s 16-piece set features four sets of 4 themed dinnerware pieces. Each set includes a plate, salad bowl, a bowl, and a mug. which means you’ll invite three of your closest friends over who also are obsessive about Harry Potter and eat off these gorgeous plates while you rewatch the films for the 100th time.

The Harry Potter service isn’t exactly cheap — it costs $120, which is costlier than other options at Target. except for any BIG Harry Potter fan, they’re definitely worth the tag. You’ll just want to form sure that if you are doing arrange to buy the dinnerware that you just be sure of it — as an example, consider washing everything by hand rather than putting it within the dishwasher. If you treat them well, you’ll have the attractive gold details and metallic design on the clean, nice white porcelain plates for years to come back. Moreover, This dinnerware set will be liked by this kids of this generation and the grown people who are big fan of that.

As for the planning, it’s gorgeous. The dinnerware sets feature the enduring Marauder’s Map with gold details, so it super extravagant and sophisticated-looking. I especially love the planning detail on the plate with the names — Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs.

If you’re thinking that the dinnerware set is cost excessively high, there are some less costly Harry Potter-inspired options that may be a wonderful addition to your dining table and kitchen. Target is additionally selling dinnerware sets with all the Hogwarts houses ( Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin) for $79. Now you’ll just should decide which house you would like to pledge allegiance to!