What Does an Electric Skillet Do Its Best?


A follower gave me and my husband an electrical skillet as a housewarming gift. Having never owned one before, are there certain dishes that employment better in an electrical skillet versus an everyday pan on a stove top, or is it mostly a back-up product?

Answer from a random guy

I have not purchased an electrical skillet since college days, but anytime I visit my parents for a weekend I remember how good they will be. An electrical skillet’s advantage is that it can hold a gentle temperature better than a pan on the stove. So it’s excellent for things like frying doughnuts (or frying anything, really), cooking pancakes, or other griddled food. It also doesn’t heat up the kitchen quite the maximum amount as a stove, so some people adore to use it for quick cooking within the summer.

Readers, does one have an electrical skillet? What does one use it for?

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